Barbecue-Style Maple Coffee Baked Beans

I’m pleased to announce that I’ve created another recipe for Ringtons! It might surprise you to hear that coffee doesn’t just belong in your mug to rouse you from slumber every weekday morning. Coffee actually can be great in food too! This recipe has a slightly campfire, ‘Americana’ feel to it, and is perfectly suited to being a great breakfast alternative in the morning, alongside your cooked breakfast, piled high on a piece of toast or with quinoa and roast veggies! Using smoked paprika and maple syrup really transforms the flavour, and takes it a million miles away from any baked beans you might buy in a can.

You can click here to view the recipe over on Ringtons blog!

Ted x

P.S. Hope you all don’t mind me posting about recipes, only to link you to another site to see the recipe! They’re still recipes all created and photographed by me, so I hope you still love them just as much! 🙂

P.P.S. Thank you to all who nominated me for a NE Blogger award – the nominations are announced soon, so I shall keep you all posted!

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