Mulled Clementine Sloe Gin

With Christmas fast approaching (shock horror!), the thought of getting in a festive mood can often be challenging, especially with retailers filling their shelves with seasonal gifts and decorations, and bombarding us with Christmas adverts since October! But Christmas food & drink never fails to excite me, and one of my favourites has to be mulled wine. The warmth and gentle spice invokes cosines and comfort, (or β€œhygge” as the Danes would say), and it’s something I continue to love year after year. Therefore I really wanted to play around with the idea of mulled wine, and I have created my own version using sloe gin! For those not familiar, sloes are a hedgerow berry of sorts, picked and infused in gin to create a sweet and slightly sour flavour, with an almighty kick too. Mixed with clementine juice and some traditional spices, it makes for an amazing and unconventional alternative to mulled wine!

(P.S. Can you spot the two things wrong with the photo?!)

Serves 2-4

  • Sloe gin. 200ml
  • Clementines. 7
  • Cinnamon stick. 1
  • Star anise. 1
  • Cloves. 3

Pour the sloe gin into a small non-stick pan. Juice 6 of the clementines, and add to the pan. Break the cinnamon stick in two, and add along with the star anise and cloves. Warm the pan on a medium heat, until hot, then take off the heat to allow it to cool and infuse for at least 15 min. Either serve then, or set aside and warm through before serving at a later date.

Ted x

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7 thoughts on “Mulled Clementine Sloe Gin

  1. This looks amazing! Just might have to have some even though it’s not even close to Christmas! Any excuse for Christmas flavours all year round. πŸ‘Œ
    Thanks for liking my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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