Spiced Apple & Cranberry Christmas Porridge

With Christmas now imminent (queue panicked searches for last minute Christmas presents and mincemeat), it seemed only right and proper to really get in the Christmas spirit for this recipe! I’ve been tinkering with my favourite porridge recipe for a while now, and using multiple grains makes the whole thing so much more interesting. It takes longer to cook but I promise you it’s 100% worth it! Plus with the addition of spices, apple & cranberries it makes the whole thing even more special. If you can’t get hold of dried cranberries, or are (like me) horrified by the amount of sugar added to some of them, then use whatever dried fruits you fancy!

  • Quinoa. 20g
  • Brown rice. 20g
  • Water. 500ml
  • Salt. Pinch of
  • Oats. 50g
  • Creamed coconut. 2 tsp
  • Cinnamon. ½ tsp
  • Mixed spice. 1 tsp
  • Apple. 1
  • Dried cranberries. A handful

Measure the quinoa & brown rice into a small pan then add the water and salt. Place on a medium heat with the lid on. When it starts to boil, turn down the heat to very low and leave it to simmer gently, lid ajar for 30 min (stirring occasionally).

After the 30 min add the oats, coconut cream & spices and stir well. Roughly grate the apple and add it to the pan along with the dried cranberries. Simmer gently for 5-10 min, or until the oats have cooked and thickened up the mixture (add a splash more water if it’s getting too thick). Serve up, sprinkling with toasted coconut and maple syrup if you wish, and enjoy!

Ted x

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4 thoughts on “Spiced Apple & Cranberry Christmas Porridge

  1. I’m thinking it might be time to have a go at this, having woken up to heavy snow in South Cumbria (this never happens, it’s always too wet!) – nothing like a bowl of warming porridge and a beautiful wintery view from the window. Thanks for posting, it looks delicious!

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