Almond Satay-Style Cucumber Salad

This recipe is a standout favourite of recent weeks, as it’s one I would happily make and speedily consume day after day ad infinitum! Maybe it’s my inner child that loves turning a cucumber into spiralled ribbons, or it’s the combination of some of my favourite flavours, but either way I love it. It’s a basic recipe that you can so easily customise to your own tastes adding more nuts, seeds, veg, beans, meats, fish. grains…whatever you like! And it’s also much lighter than a noodle-based salad, which I can find a bit heavy and not so great. So all the more reason to stuff your face with this recipe?!

You can find this recipe over on the Health Blogger Community blog, and many thanks to them for featuring it! They have lots of other tasty & healthy recipes, as well as a magazine, tutorials, events & other useful things for bloggers 🙂

Ted x

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